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    hi darin i delt if the tim would hold that much money lol glad u guys enjoyed the tin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raytheman View Post
    I doubt if it's for donations. We had similar cans in Holland but they were for savings. See picture 1.
    Donation cans we had as well but they looked more like the can on picture 2.
    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    hi ray
    all the books ai have seen showing these cans state them as donation/collecting tins , they where used by the kids to collect money for the winter relief programs
    well stu, as ray said , holland is a differend country, mayby they did things slithly differend. I only saw these as collection tins too, but its always possible that the holland tin ray shows was indeed used for savings.

    In any case, they are hard to find for sale and a nice add to any collection, IMO

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    Well, we did do some things a little different here in Holland in those days :)
    As a matter of facts we still do! -See this Pooh saving jar :closedeyes:
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    we 've got those too in belgium

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    Hey guys, I am still using one so no luaghs ok:laugh::laugh:

    It has to be enough for my holidays next year!!!



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    Sorry to bump this old post but here's a form about these little jars.
    It says 'verjaardagsbusje' which means birthday-jar
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