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    Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel badges legitimate?

    Hi - I wanted to get some opinions on these 2 Sport Festival badges. I am especially wondering about the 1939. It looks good from front, but look at the name on the back: "E. SCH L". Is that a maker? The 1937 is made by Hillenbrand & Bröer. So are they both ok?

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    Hillenbrand & Böer was M1/76 but I don't see that other manufacturer on the RZM list. The company name has clearly been abbreviated but as I say, there doesn't appear to be any match in the M1 section of the listings. Perhaps Metallwarenfabrik can help further with the company. The badges themselves seem okay.

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    The other might be for Erich Schneider, Lüdenscheid (M1/84)!!

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