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    update on Adolf Hitler Marsch der HJ zum Reichsparteitag

    Hi everybody,
    Here's an update on the "Adolf Hitler Marsch der HJ zum Reichsparteitag.
    I've managed to capture the badge for the year 1935 (first edition of this event)
    So, this means I still need to find the remaining two (1937 and 1939)
    So should anybody be aware of where or to whom I should address myself in an attempt to find these two remaining badges, send me a mail.
    In the meantime enjoy,......

    I've also included a picture of an early Rally of the HJ (Reichsparteitag?) and of a set of stamps (wellknown by everybody on this forum) in regards to the HJ Rally held in 1935. (Welttreffen der HJ)
    Did this event take place at the same time as the Reichsparteitag? Could anybody clarify this last question?

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    The Welttreffen der Hitlerjugend took place around the end of July, beginning of August 1935 in Kuhlmühle. The Reichsparteitag took place between the 10th and the 16th of September. Looks you're doing a great job in putting the set together

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