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    Wow, nice set of pieces.




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    Is there a listing of recipients of this honour somewhere?

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    As to a list, that is something I am working on now. Got about 30.

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    Sounds like a great project Warlord. Sorry for all the questions, I'm not good with badges so I ask lots of questions sometimes.

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    Gefolgschaft, ask as many questions as you like. I may not be able to answer them, but will always try. Also possibly knows "a man who can".

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    any ideas what the criteria was to be awarded one of these badges, due to the fact only 250 where awarded i assume it was quite stringent

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    According to Patzwall the number of 250 awarded (stated by Littlejohn in 1968 and not revised in later publications) has never been substantiated by a period reference. Does that still hold true Warlord? He points at a far lower number as being nearer the truth and states that 25 awardees had been identified at that time.

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    There has to bee some sort of record kept on recipients because it's such a high award,maybe yet to be discovered in german archives.

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    Garry you might be quite right, the number is going to be low. I have 30 names confirmed, with the last award 30 Jan 1944. I believe originally it was the Good Doctor, Dr K who gave the figure to David Littlejohn.

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    Would the reciepients have more than one copy of the badge? I know that the more prominant in position and rank had numerous uniforms. Would they switch awards etc. when donning different uniforms or did they have the uniforms ready to go with all the medals, awards etc?

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