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    Were the solid gold versions simply a higher status version of the same award?
    It was called Ehrenzeichen in Gold, because it was in solid gold, even the replacements according to the letter from Schirach to Saukel. were in Echtgold. No numbers ever mentioned in the sparse period evidence so far, and funny enough, even on Bouhlers Urkunde, there is no number.
    Garry, on that numbered one, well the attachment is just not Deschler, the hand engraved makers details, is also just not close to anything by Deschler on small badges we know of, especially honour badges/awards. The HJ diamond could well be genuine, thats what will throw you, the rest is rubbish for sure with possibly a magnetic base material from the looks of it. And people know it is rubbish, thats why it has gone back-n-fro for so long. (until someone bites i guess)

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    Hi Jo,

    Yes, I was going at this more from the angle of how this Gebietsführer knew that serial number if we assume that he was awarded the Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der HJ. He mentions the serial number with pride but is he simply getting badges mixed up i.e. badge made of gold (Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der HJ) or gold-coloured badge (HJ-Ehrenzeichen)? Only one of them is known to have a serial number of course.

    I'm not trying to legitimise the badges at the links with this info from Kohlmeyer's bio. Definitely not. I was just interested in how Kohlmeyer knew that number (and why he was so proud of it) when it isn't noted on the badge or on the certificate. As you say, the badges at the links are patently not 585 gold awarded badges. But... there is still the argument hanging in the air about "dress copies". It would be logical for the wearer to put an award serial number on something like that if they ever existed during the period. Currently there is no evidence to suggest that they did so we're almost back to square one but not quite because the Kohlmeyer bio with its mention of a serial number is still very intriguing.

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    Update: I subsequently found another awardee who described the badge in the same way and stated that he had serial number 631. It's clear that these men were simply using the incorrect term for the badge. What they received was the HJ-Ehrenzeichen. Lists updated.

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