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    Hitler Youth HJ Honour badge presentation cases?

    I just got a honour Badge in a small case, was there ever a Case for the Badge?? It is in red and size is about 7cm x 4cm.
    I will make some Pics later and will post them.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Here the Pics

    The Badge is repaired like you can see on the Pic.
    Thanks for any answers.

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    im sorry to be the bearer of bad news but i believe this to be a deumer fake badge, and never seen a case like this for an honour badge either

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    I agree with Stu. There is also an exact copy of this, with markings in the same places, but marked RZM M1/6. I have never seen any box or even small packet that these were "issued" or sold in.

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    Hi Kay,

    I haven't come across anything about a case for these either. Having said that, I haven't come across anything at all about the packaging in which these were delivered. The regulations show that once the applications for the award of the badge had been processed by the RJF Personalamt that batches of the badges and the award certificates (Besitzurkunde) were sent out to the respective Bann. The Bann then organised a parade where members of the "Alte Garde" were presented with their badges and certificates. I'm guessing that the Personalamt simply put a batch into a large box and sent it out to the Bann.

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