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    HJ honour badge with oakleaves - Phillip Bouhler

    here's a strange one , this is on weitze's update a Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der HJ with the presentation document to Phillip Bouhler, but the badge itself has maker marks on the back, i thought it was known that these did not have maker marks on the back?????, badge doesnt look as nice as the ones posted HERE by warlord either, but ?????

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    know nothing of them, with such a big bucks badge you would be wanting a one looker! how much is weitze asking stu?

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    isnt showing a price , so its going to be huge lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    isnt showing a price , so its going to be huge lol
    POA= house remorgaged :laugh:

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    Very odd isn't it Stu. It's like I was saying on the Meisterschütze thread; why so many variations for a badge which was presented in such small numbers? Okay, the Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der HJ is in a completely different league of course but for me the principle is the same.

    I've got Patzwall's 2004 article on the Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der HJ badges in front of me and the only time he shows a badge constructed in the same way as Warlord's and the one from Weitze is where he shows the BM 1/122 fake. The badges Patzwall shows as correct are the ones with no markings other than the 585 gold content mark. The pin is also completely different. Here's a pic from the article showing the badge which was presented to the poet Dr Agnes Miegel in 1939:


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    the one in the pic you show gar has a similar pin to the deumer honour badges , where all the other are just a standard pin, another bery grey area, pm'ed warlord for his thoughts on this but he hasnt been active for quite awhile

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    Yep, more information is needed on these for sure Stu. Because it was a personal award from von Schirach I have nothing about them in the regulations/orders here which would add anything new.

    Yes, shame about Warlord. He seemed to be getting somewhere with these before that episode on WAF.

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    Saved the pictures today and wanted to post it here but it seems our Stuwy was a bit faster then me.

    Anyway the badge on Weitze looks poor isn't it? Not something you would expect of such an award. And if you compare it with the one in the article it looks even more poor.

    Only thing what is weird are the reverse looks of this badge. But maybe the took a fake with a plain reverse and did some engraving work on it.

    Regards, Wim

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