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    HJ Honour badge RZM 15


    while back i sold this badge to a mate who recently tried to sell it to a know it all !!

    can i have opinions on it for my mate?

    here is some of the know it alls points lol

    its a copy from the 70's

    its to thin!

    originals are thicker and hreavier

    the champ on the edge should be more pronounced , ( sheer line?)

    the enamel work is damaged to give a realistic apperance (this one was just the best HA HA HA )

    FINISHED OF WITH of course its my own opinion, no sh!t sherlock and its a crap one at that!!

    hope yous are all good!

    comments much apriecated !!


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    It looks like a textbook original to me.

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    Hi Ewan,

    Good to see you. Based on those pictures I would also say that the badge is fine. Hopefully Wim V and Jo will also post their thoughts.

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    thanks folks, yes hopefully they weigh in aswell Garry, tbh i know its good, just to help my mate out!

    looking good around here!!


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    As far as I'm concern, this is a good Hoffstätter.

    Regards, Wim

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    thank you my friend!!

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    I`ll say that the images are too small for me to say anything. Much larger, focused images would be better for everyone.

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