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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Yes, another, yes MILI321 again. This time it seems that they were issued by the

    Nice brand spankers countersinking though. Fresh as you like.

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    Taking stock

    A quick re-cap of the Unmarked brown badges mentioned so far on this thread. And this thread, is only 1 year old :-)
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    Incredible when you see them all like that... As you say, all have turned up on this thread in just 12 months.

    An old thread just came to mind actually where you were thinking about burying a fake HJ achievement badge Jo. Did you do it in the end?

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    Yes :-) i buried lots of things :-)

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    lol when are they due to be dug up?

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    They already have been :-) and more have been buried. Hell i want "in" on this "fruits from the ground" lark as well. So i`ll sell them first, then post them :-)

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    You know Garry, if you just look at the fruits from the ground on this thread, which is only 360 odd days old, and turn on the COMMON LOGIC button ... the above 12 images should be enough to tell you that: sumìns wrooong !

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    Yep. The fact that these turn up for the first time on a platform like Mil321 as opposed to being seen and appraised on a forum first says something too.

    As a detectorist myself I'm willing to believe that someone has pulled one of these out of the ground but.... I have been over ground many times that I KNOW was used by the Hitler Youth and what was the sum total of years of searching? A couple of membership badges, a Reichssportwettkampf badge, 2 strap buttons, a party badge and loads of .22 cartridges. This is ground where I can see (due to the amount of unrelated finds) that I'm the first person to search them properly. Okay, I'm never going to find a distinguished foreigner badge there because there is no geographical reason why one of them would be there but my finds, despite literally years of tramping through these areas, are run of the mill stuff - no HJ knife, not even a buckle or achievement badge .

    Nah, there is no way that people are pulling these out of the ground with this regularity. If a stash of them has been found somewhere then that would be the only explanation but detectorists tend to show important finds like that on their forums but I certainly haven't read about a stash of these.

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    has anyone ever seen/shown an original? or they that rare? sure i have seen a fuzzy picture of it in ware thats about it!

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