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    M1/52 HJ honour badge, the last piece of proof

    Hi everyone,

    It has cost me several years but I hope now that the M1/52 Deschler Badge finally can take place in the list of good en accepted makers of the Golden HJ Honour award.
    I hope the lucky owner of this lovely set don't bother that I use his pictures.
    An "A" serial numbered badge with it's Bezitsurkunde...

    Regards, Wim

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    nothing like a bit of proof, still have to wonder what the purpose of the A was though

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    I guess that would nail it Wim I don't know the source but I'm assuming that the provenance is solid?

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    @ Stu: This we stil have to find out. My best guess is that it had nothing to do with the serial numbers. It's something typical for Deschler.
    With their FM membership pins they use the same font an size to mark them with A, C, D, E, H, J, K, and L before the serialnumber. And the Alpha "S" code was used for the honour version. Is it coincidence they not used the "B" in this series? For making no mistakes with the typical "B" used for some HJ awards. But then: G and H are also lacking...? If pins with "G" and "H" can be found it would make sense.

    @ Garry: Some guy's who owns a Bezitsurkunde have reacted positif. It's on WWF that I found it. There seems to be more owners of Deschlers there. The couldn't image why I was so happy as a child with the pictures of this document

    Grüsse, Wim

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    HI Wim
    I know you collect the pictures/numbers for your files, so here are another two.... first is mine, second comes from
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    Thank you very much my friend. These are number 13 and 14 considering the Deschler production.

    Regards, Wim
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    Wim, another for your files, this time with a nice die error, a double struck makers code and RZM logo.
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    Thanks Jo!

    Regards, wim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wim Vangossum View Post
    Thanks Jo!

    Regards, wim
    You`re ALIVE hav`nt heard boo from a ghost on you in ages Wim, hope the new Belgian government is treating you OK.

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