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    M1/70 HJ golden honour badge Opinions Please

    Just picked this M1/70 HJ-Ehrenzeichen up, would like your opinions.

    Thanks in advance,


    Admin edit: M1/70 Franz Otto

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    Though I am not a HJ-collector, and I don't own any of these, I would still say this ones seems to be an original. No funny gut feeling while checking the front, and the backside of the badge looks very convincing. Nothing seems to be wrong. Or are the fakes getting that good nowadays? Let's wait and hear what the experts will say. :001_huh:

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    there was a lot of debate about the M1/70 badges due to serial numbers, but personally i have no problem with them and i believe that even the most sceptic are noe coming around to these badges

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    I agree the badge seems good just the serializing is not as German AS one would hope for

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    IMO they are good untill otherwise is proofed. I have one example in my own collection. The only problem thus far is that I still haven't found an attributed example of this version. They also have a characteristic heavy looking gilded rim with a small step. Others have the step more in the middle of the rim. Quality is outstanding.

    My advice is : don't buy them by the dozens but no harm to have one or a few in your collection.

    Regards, Wim

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