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    opinion on this Hitler Youth honour pin (RZM 15)

    Hi to all! long time since the last time here! Please give me an opinion on this HJ honour Pin, it is in not very good shape but, as I don't have any in my collection and is very affordable, I'm thinking in get it, i have searches the net and don't found one with the same markings, it is real? a repro? Thanks in advance


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    15" is Hoffstätter. We have a few threads where this
    was discussed but here's one to get you going:

    RZM 15 Hitler Youth honour badge

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    Thanks Garry; now is clear to me that is a good one, may I can assume is a common maker? or less common?



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    Wim Vangossum or Jo Rivett will be able to give you a better answer on the maker Nacho.

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    It's not so easy to find a nice Hoffstätter compared to makers like M1/78, M1/120 or M1/70. Often they are damaged or missing their pin. It still gives me the impression that this was the first company that produced the HJ honour Award.

    Regards, Wim

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    Hi Wim! Thanks for the info, do you think it deserve to buy it (in such shape) it costs a fraction of the price of a good conditioned one, I'm considering as my budget can't afford a good one and I don't have any in my collection.

    Regards, Nacho

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    That's a very personal choice, Nacho. Normally I would say: never buy a once mass-produced item in bad condition. But If you can't afford a minty one and really want such a badge than you can buy it. Why not; it is your collection and you must do want you find the best.
    Albeit I have to add the fact that I personally never buy things that I cant" afford in good condition. So, no
    chain dagger, Knight Cross or Blood Order for me.
    And if I tomorrow would loose my job, I start immediatly to collect party badges and pattriotic stickpins in good condition.

    Regards, Wim

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    I appreciate your reflexion on the point and I will say you're right, don't bother to buy a bad condition item if you can pay for a good one, so also no HJ Honour for me! (by the moment)

    Regards, Nacho

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