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    Painted HJ honour badge M1/120 in zinc

    hi all

    just found these on the warbooty site, now these are new to me and i would love to hear other opinions, strangely from never seeing one in the yrs i have collected warbooty currently have 3 on their site,
    they are your usual m1/120 HJ deumer honour badges but painted zinc?????
    could it be deumer made these at the tail end of the war if so where have they been until now ?? would a badge like an honour badge be made so cheeply ????

    thought please

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    Stuart, i posted these, and myself and Wim attempted a brief discussion about them on this thread.
    I didnt want to go off on one on the above thread, but my personal opinion is that they are not Period. I don't see these being made in Zinc and painted. (despite what you may read on the HJ Golden badge with oak leaves thread from someone who believes that even Higher class awards were made in Zinc, silver etc..) Good that you have started a new Thread about them, let the pros and cons begin

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    This seems very odd to me and totally illogical. Were any of the party honour awards listed to the left made in zinc towards the end of the war?

    If not then why just the HJ honour badge? Look at the company it kept during the period. Why would anyone allow it to be made in zinc??

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    Common sense and logic takes a back seat with many Catalog-collectors i am afraid, so after reading, for example, Christopher Ailsbys 2010 book, where he dictates to the community that even higher awards were made in various metals (The Golden HJ Oak leaf badge in 585 Gold, 835 silver and zinc) and after his recent postings on this forum, where he claims that even the Highest NSDAP award, awarded a total of 10 times, was also made in various metals, it could become easy for collectors to believe these lesser awards, such as Replacement HJ Ehrezeichen were made in Zinc.

    This is precisely what i meant, when i said that books like his, are Detrimental to the hobby, collectors draw parallels from printed Opinion, and use it to authenticate, or at least back up an item like this...

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    i personally dont like these zinc badges and wanted to see what others thought ,you will allways get people who will justify them with the painted party badges and even the painted HJ members badges , but surely not on the honour badges, and why would anyone buy them now over a decent 100% good normal honour badge, has anyone seen these outside of the warbooty site ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    ... has anyone seen these outside of the warbooty site ??
    Yes, in Southern Germany around 2008 that was the first time for me, at a small, militaria Show just outside of Pforzheim. Other than that, not on the net until around June or so when the above were listed.

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    where they been sold as originals then jo ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    where they been sold as originals then jo ????
    I didn`t ask, but i`m sure they would have been sold as 100% original, like everything at those shows.

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    Just came across this thread again. Clearly I agree with you guys on this.

    Who exactly would have been buying zinc replacements of the HJ honour badge late-war?
    Who would have been processing applications years after they were officially stopped
    If we assume that replacement HJ honour badges were made this way late-war then why would this be the only party honour award that was produced in zinc? I'm certainly not aware of another anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Who would have been applying for an HJ honour badge in the late-war period?
    .........why should the HJ honour badge be the only NSDAP honour badge produced in zinc?
    ME :-) if i was there!
    Dont forget Christopher Ailsby`s twisted ideas that the Solid 14 Ct. Gold, HJ Ehrenzeichen with oak leaf border, was also produced in zinc.... (That was naturally AFTER gold became a war essential material)

    I dont think that collectors are really buying into this zinc crap-ola anyway, the zinc HJ golds are still sitting on German War Booty after nearly 2 years now, and the zinc HJ 1st pattern membership badges are also sitting on sites, and not moving...

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