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    Good. I hope that things stay that way and that they all gather a nice layer of dust. An article on these in our wiki is pending at the moment. I have a couple in progress so once they are up I'll get stuck into the Ehrenzeichen.

    Just noticed your avatar. I was watching a programme about Sea Shepherd the other night actually. Pretty cool - the militant splinter group who thought that Greenpeace was too soft :)

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    Yes, their motto for 2013 is, Zero tolerance. What Japan is doing in the Antarctic is illegal anyway, so a big thumbs up. I would like to see Gatling guns mounted on deck though. Greenpeace are tree hugger`s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Just came across this thread again. Clearly I agree with you guys on this. It amazes me that anyone would even come up with the idea for a crappy, shoddy zinc version of this badge and I'm thinking of the thought process that went on as they considered making these:

    "shall we make a zinc version of the HJ Ehrenzeichen?"
    "Yeah, zinc is late-war and they were still wearing it then"

    Not cool - should have asked these questions:
    Who exactly would have been buying zinc replacements of the HJ honour badge late-war?
    Who would have been processing applications years after they were officially stopped?
    Why would this be the only party honour award that was produced in zinc?

    This badge was introduced in 1934 and applications were permitted within the Reich until 1939. When the RJF stopped further applications, the reason given was that people had had sufficient time in which to apply so, just for a laugh, let's accept for a second that these shoddy zinc HJ honour badges might be real and that the regulations were wrong. Who would have been applying for an HJ honour badge in the late-war period?

    By 1939, even the youngest DJ member in October 1932 (the qualification date for the honour badge) would have been 17 by the time applications for the badge were stopped. Zinc badges, however, are late-war which means that this same boy would have been even older - let's say 20+, but here he is in 1942/44 applying for his badge and everyone from Bann to Gebiet to RJF is processing that application despite the ban from 1939? No way but even if we accept that all of this happened, why should the HJ honour badge be the only NSDAP honour badge produced in zinc?

    Zinc HJ honour badges are an absolute non-starter.
    I can not agree more with this. This badge was a national honour badge and would never be made in zinc, only after 1945

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    Just found a 3 year old link where one of these zinc honour badges was shown here, but not from the same source LINK.

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    HJ Horror badge, them zincrs! even if there is originals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss-collector View Post
    HJ Horror badge, them zincrs! even if there is originals!
    Agreed. Would be nice if Wim could remember where he got the pictures from. Btw, i never did get a reply back from John @ German War Booty regarding the large images of his 3 zinc honour badges that he was willing to show here. Maybe someone else would care to mail him and ask.
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    here is further images of the above zinc honour badges for review

    anymore opinions?
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    The evidence/information in this thread doesn't leave me in any doubt, painted HJ honour badges MUST be viewed with great suspicion

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    What a mess. There is red enamel paint on top on the gold, there is gold paint on top of the red, the gold is normal paint that was applied at the same time, and is flaking off, not has been worn off.. is flaking off. When i have more time i`ll try and find it`s messing counterpart.

    Great that you got better pics though. The original sales description saying:
    The gold finish on this example rates at about 100 percent.
    needs to be altered though to .. the gold paint, that was hand applied (not a gold gilt finish as you would expect, paint!) has flaked off a great deal of the surface. -very strange for only storage wear? -:
    ...being in excellent condition showing storage wear only.
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    would have to agree the line around the outer rim of the badge looks terrible also, i do not think that such an award would be made so sloppy, this is jmo which aint worth nout really!

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