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    9 knives arrived today...

    Today 9 knives from different markers arrived here... all with signs of wear but in overall good condition.

    Markers: (no specific order)
    M7/75 - Böker & Co
    M7/38 - Paul Seilheimer
    M7/29 - Klittermann & Moog
    M7/102 - Franz Pils & Sohn
    M7/84 - Carl Schmidt & Sohn
    M7/25 - Wilhelm Wagner
    M7/11 - E. Knecht & Co.
    M7/19 - Edward Wüsthof
    One without marker

    Some of them will be put up for sale.

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    Quite a buy all at once! Great assortment.

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    Do any of these have a motto?



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    Unfortunately not... 3 of the knives are already in the "Sale" section of the forum.

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