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    Any problem with this HJ knife (E P & S Ernst Pack & Söhne)? Especially Scabbard

    E. P. & S (Ernst Pack & Söhne) - admin edit for search engine

    Hello guys,

    Good day. Sorry to bother you.

    I recently got this knife. Can you help me check whether the knife and scabbard are genuine? I see two hangers on the scabbard. Normally only one. Is this right?
    Thank you very much in advance.

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    I only see one hanger.

    More pics of the knife and diamond, maker etc would be good but it looks fine to me from this pic.

    Missing the buffer, but a nice early knife.



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    it looks good to me too.

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    Thank you very much, Russ & Bertl, Here are more pics of the knife:

    IMG_8597.jpg IMG_8600.jpg

    Thanks again.

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    Nice E. P. & S!



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    A great knife for somebody who starts collecting HJ knives.
    IMO it has been upgraded.
    Why do I come to this conclusion?

    The blade itself does have scratches as can be expected of these knives. Don't lett us forget they were used by kids. The blade, pommel and guard have definitely been cleaned.
    the leather buffer pad is missing as was already mentioned by somebody else.
    The checkered grip plates look to new, there is no sign of any wear, wich is to be expected furthermore the E.P.& S knives have one distinct difference in comparison with other manufacters.
    E.P. & S uses spannernuts and not the standard rivets. (I've included a picture fo you to compare)
    The diamond inlay is another questionmark for me. Or it has been cleaned, but IMO it has been replaced by a new one at the same time with the gripplates.

    So to resume, IMO you have here an early type of HJ knife wich has been restored with authentic parts.
    A great starting piece
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    Hi Mike, I see you are using one of DD's pics to illustrate your point on Pack using spanners and nuts.

    Not all Packs have this feature, as can be seen in some of DD's other pics of his Pack collection.

    There is also noticable wear to the lower edges of the obverse plate which I can see.

    The diamond may have been cleaned, removing the often seen blackening to the edges, particularly at each elongated end.



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    HI Mike & Russ,

    Thank you guys sooo much for carefully check the knife. You are stars.

    About the diamond, I want to say' I am so sorry', I just checked the knife in hand, it has some dirts, dark line or something else. Just because the camera angle and light problem, which makes the diamond looks very 'nice and clean'. Acturally, it is not.

    About the rivets, I just watched DDS Harris's youtube videos about his E .P & S collection. Some of his knives do have the special rivets, but some are the same with common HJ knives, like he mentioned 1934 blue scabbard knife and next one. Here is the link of his video:

    But anyway, thank you guys soooooo much for the great help. I do learn a lot.

    Have a nice weekend, guys.

    Best regards

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    Russ & Ron,

    Ok thanks guys for the feedback, I stand corrected.
    And yes the pic came indeed from DDS.
    Ron, as you pointed out in your reply collecting this stuff is one thing, taking pictures wich does justice for the pieces is another.

    I myself am terrible in taking pictures, I need maeby to consider taking coarses of photography to present my pics beter here on this forum.


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