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    actually if the blade has been modified to bowie most likely by the soldier who relieved it to make it into a fighting knife not the HJ


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    It looks like a Wilh. Weltersbach knife, early, but with ricasso, stretch diamond pattern grip plates and a small diamond. Is there any sign of the motto?



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    Sorry to say the motto is knowhere to be seen.
    And it is a Weltersbach.
    Is that the name of the maker or the factory it was made.

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    It's the maker name. It would have had a motto originally, but it has likely been removed by use or cleaning.



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    Interestingly no sign of a rzm mark? i have a early knife by this maker but this clearly is transitional, but you'd expect it to have the rzm code too... whats the size of the diamond. Is there a RZM designation for this maker, not every early producer made late knives and vice versa, if someone has 5mins to kill worth looking up

    The knife would have been shaped after production, not sure if ive posted on here before the K&Co HJ i have thats really been attacked to make a new shape

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    Mike, it has the look of a transitional knife (except for the plates) but it is possible that there was no RZM mark - maker mark only. I think the RZM mark would be stamped rather than etched but I've never seen one from this maker, so can't be sure. The RZM number for Weltersbach is M7/22.

    It's really difficult to try and 'box' some of these knives to a certain period. Russ has an example that is a transitional: Weltersbach maker marked, Ges. Gesch. RZM M7/22, motto and no ricasso. Here we have a maker only, I think most likely with motto, possibly with a worn off RZM mark, with ricasso, and using the often seen early stretch grip plates. It also appears to have an early steel hilt rather than zinc.
    Sometimes, the logical manufacturing pattern doesn't seem to be what we think it should be.

    I also agree that the bowie shape was likely not done by the manufacturer.


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