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    Just came across this thread on a search. It's another classic example of a dealer who gets something from a veteran (apparently) and then has to build the story to go with it. Everything he has said on this thread is supposition, is his own opinion and is not based in verifiable fact. This should not be overlooked.

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    There are a few threads on these. HERE and of course HERE, where i uploaded a few of the Fantasy pieces side by side.
    btw: Who is this user WAFFENLEITE ? some of his posts on this thread are just, well, Typical Johnson & Wittman Propaganda.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Who is this user WAFFENLEITE ? some of his posts on this thread are just, well, Typical Johnson & Wittman Propaganda.
    It's R. Weinand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    It's R. Weinand
    BLING (sound of a light bulb going on in my head) OK, alles Klar.
    Quote post 37:
    these were made as a run of samples to get more business
    I mustn't laugh too much, i`ll put my back out again.

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    These are rather like the combat bayonets with the fake hilt and blade etches.

    Quote post 37:

    "these were made as a run of samples to get more business..."

    (Which should have been followed with):

    ...out of you gullible collectors for me and my dealer buddies!"

    Jokes aside, that is another statement above made by Ron, but with no proof to back it up, as with the famous "well known variation" statement he made on the bogus 'DJ' knives.

    How does he know this stuff??



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    If these people, as well as the ring-of-blood-bruddaz that they associate with, see fit to insult their readers by denying them any footnotes - in their "Bibles of Blades", then they sure as hell are not going to entertain the likes of us.
    I have a period photo showing that exact statement somewhere, if i ever find it, i`ll show you. No no, i didnt include the photo in my books simply because the word of Bibleblade-007 should be enough, now dare you stand in front of me...earthling!

    They will tell you what they want you to hear, and until they are proven wrong, they will continue. When they are challenged, they throw teddy off the roof and go on holiday.

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    These knives will have a wiki page in due course (one of you can start it now if you like of course). There is currently no proof whatsoever for what Weinand says and subjects like this need to be a part of the wiki.

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    From Thomas M Johnson's Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Volume 5.

    Page 167 - The Hitler Youth honour Bayonet (with HJ diamond and SS motto of course...)

    honour 1.jpg

    Page 168 - close-up...

    honour 2.jpg



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    How is it possible that the Hitler Youth "adopted" the SS parole? easy, it`s not.
    Why has nobody had the balls yet, to write a book about these guys, and list each and every mistake they make, BS story and invented self-described fantasy item they have pictured with LIES!!!
    Lord, dagger collectors who have been buying according to the books written by Johnson and Wittman, have been taken for fools! Brainwashed.....

    Note the name? WEINLANDS
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