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    From Thomas M Johnson's Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Volume 2

    Page 294 - make of it what you will...

    toss.jpg toss up close.jpg

    Page 293

    more toss.jpg


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    Jo, that's why people like 'us' get accused of ruining a 'legitimate' piece because we don't know what we're talking about. No respect for the 'founders' of the game, we didn't get them from a veteran etc.

    Also, far too many people have a huge amount of dosh invested in a lot of old crap, so they have to keep playing the game.

    Take a look at some of these pics - parts galore - from Solingen post-war.

    And there are lots more.

    Look who the photos are from...

    Do you reckon these blades remained blank...?

    From Johnson Volume 2

    Page 36


    From Johnson Volume 2

    Chapter 2

    Major Jim Atwood goes to Solingen.

    Page 36 - part of the article by Atwood.


    Gee, I wonder what happened to all of this stuff...



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    Maybe Wim Saris can help me out here, as he has a huge amount of experience writing books.

    When writing, and reviewing what one wrote, it MUST be in the front of every authors mind as to how the audience will "perceive" what he wrote, what "conclusions" they will draw from the new book. For example, if the author writes;
    This specific insignia was introduced in May 1937, then surely the author owes it to his readers, his audience, to include a small footnote, mentioning, for example, RZMmtbl. issue xxx, page yyy .... or something similar, to HELP the reader who is interested, to find out, track back, where the author got his "options, dates from." Surely the author must think like this? otherwise if authors do not include any evidence, any footnotes, then all they are writing, is bullshit, and for all the reader knows, the information, dates, assumptions, are nothing more than lies...

    Now how can the next author, maybe 10 years later, take a passage like: "This insignia was introduced in 1937" from one book, and copy it to his new book, knowing full well, that the original information is not supported by anything. Would an author, who is primarily thinking about HELPING the collector, forget to help by ommiting all footnotes or saying where the info comes from?

    This is not helping the collector, but only helping the author to sell crap later, and as we see with the names in these old books, "Chip" Gambino, Weinlands, Tony Oliver, Atwood, Johnson, Wittman, Ailsby etc etc etc, many of these names are KNOWN FORGERS (or were). So after reading these few "Claims" from Johnson and the others, why should they not also be classed as criminals? Just because they have written books? are respected?

    Look at Charlie Snyder, no forum, or collector, will stand up for thim, it`s OK, and accepted to write on any forum that He is a criminal, a guy who sells fakes and has fakes made for him. It is OK to take the piss out of his items and his website, BUT, as we saw, he too sells the DJ knife, the BDM knife, the HJ fighting daggers, the HJ forestry knives, the Reichsparteitage knifes, the HJ-Olympic knives..... all the same rubbish as Johnson and Wittman and Weinlands... only difference is, it is NOT OK to say that Johnson, Weinlands and Wittman are criminals, because, they RULE THE ROOST, and have done for so long.

    Have we forgotten how Huston Coates, (another main player in the Johnson group - MAX club) recently was caught out switching dagger parts and trying to rip off the buyer? So why are we not allowed to call thenm criminals? Oh yes, thats right, because they Run the Max, own the Max, and over the years have risen to the status of Jesus Christ, and any challenging of what they say is forbidden. Is the real reason becuase it would mean that thousands of collectors have been fooled by these old guys? Maybe the collectors themselves are responsible for not challenging these fuddy-duddies, because the end result, would mean HORRIFIC FINANCIAL LOSS, for many!!

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    As mentioned before: I do know nothing about daggers, or it should be material what tells
    things in old magazines as "Uniformen-Markt", "Schwert und Spaten" or whatever.

    Collectors knowing my books know I try to include as many as possible footnotes. I practically always did that to give the reader the posibility to check.
    Further: I hardly ever do quote from another author's book, as most often they give no evidence where they got their information (for example Angolia,
    Littlejohn and/or others)! With many occasions the information given is not even correct and so the "mistake" continues forever as many authors copy
    "old" (post-war) information and do not even take the opportunity to check the info........I do not know how books from Johnson, Wittmann etc. look like, as
    their subjects do not interest me at all. I am not into daggers and swords, nor orders and decorations.

    Remember one cannot know all, but one should anyway try to give the best possible information and so from old sources, issued between the mid-1920's
    up through 1945!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wilhelm saris View Post
    but one should anyway try to give the best possible information!
    Merci, yes this is the Duty of the author, IF the author is really trying to help the reader and not just help future sales for himself and his friends.

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    I try to help collectors to put some of my knowledge, better said my available information, onto paper and in that way "create" a book.

    I do not (and never did) care at all about how many copies are being sold. I am not even interested to know about "how many books were printed"!
    I never write a book based upon royalties. One never knows what a publisher actually did (how many books were printed, how many were sold).

    It is my (personal) believe that one never will be allowed to see the publisher's book-keeping. And so what sense do have royalties. And so - with all of
    my books - I am paid with a number of books. The amount gives me the feeling I didn't write for free. With these books I can do whatever I want to do:
    give them as a gift to friends and those that gave me a helping hand or get me some money to cover the costs in some way. My costs hardly ever were
    covered (with none of my books), but I do not care about that at all. I write for the interest of the reader and collector. I write for the fun of it, to have
    a hobby and a good and in some ways valuable spending of my time. The money: I don't care about it at all!
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