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    Dated Hitler Youth knives with zinc hilts

    The earliest dated HJ with a zinc hilt that I've seen so far is 1938. If you have an HJ with a zinc hilt and it's dated, please show it here (any date). I would like to find out if there are any examples with an earlier date than 1938.

    I would like to exclude any G. Gräfrath,
    M7-30-1936 examples as it is speculated that all their blades are dated 1936, with both zinc and steel hilts and some of these have no motto. The same blade was also used by the maker Gräwiso" also marked "
    M7-30 1936. As an aside, if anyone has a G. Gräfrath/Gräwiso marked blade with a different date other than 1936, please show it here.



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