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    I recently received confirmation, from an expert on NSFK and DLV knives, that the Clemen & Jung DLV knife referenced in my previous post is in fact a known fake produced in Russia.

    Meaning the stamping on the throat is also fake ..

    Here is a link to the German auction site where this DLV knife is located .. - Auktion - NSFK Dolch, Clemen & Jung Solingen mit Gehänge

    All the best ..

    Mike W.
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    im sorry but theres too many if and but`s for me to be 100% happy with these slaovkian youth daggers,,not for my collection sorry

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    I agree ..

    In reference to my two previous posts, why would a fake DLV knife have the same throat stamping as the stamping on the ricasso of the Slovakian HJ knife?

    Hmmmmm ...

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    Yes, I believe the C&J DLV is a fake (confirmed by Ron Weinand). As to the HJ's with the mark, I read somewhere that the mark is correct for these, but cannot locate the source. So, perhaps that info was in-correct - I'll keep looking to see if I can find it.



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    I have to admit to being a little confused here. So, just to consolidate - the knife that is shown in post 1 is a fake but the knife shown by John with the same maker's mark is a good one? I'm not making a judgement here as I know nothing about Slovakian youth knives but how can two knives with the same questionable MM have different outcomes?

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    Garry, the DLV knife by Clemen & Jung shown in the link is a fake. It has the same or similar mark to both of the HJ's. So, therefore the two HJ's are being questioned because of the appearance of the same mark.



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    Cheers Russ

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    hi, im also a bit confused here, what DLV markings do we see on the two slovak knives, i see a makers mark which appears to have wings, nothing resembles anything to do with the DLV, im thinking that the title to this thread hs confused people on the question on wether these knives are original slovak youth knives. Pete.

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    Yes Pete, I think the title has added some confusion. There are no DLV marks on the HJ knives - just a mark that has been incorrectly called DLV, which it is not.



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    Hi Russ,

    I sent you a PM ..


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