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    Early Eickhorn HJ knife

    Hello folks, this has not long came in , looks as honest as the come? except for a bit of sharpening (looks old) and a light clean of the blade, in hand the motto and blade are not as bad !

    has green verdigris build up on the rear of each pin, strap has a period repair to it which makes it sit off and has wore away the hilt plating in abnormal places, diamond gos from side to side and has a slight chip!

    i am not up on these at all, whats the date of this knife? its made in steel also, its a transitional going by the blade markings.

    would the knife collectors agree its a hard worn original ?

    thanks for any comments



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    Hi Ewan,

    This is an early HJ knife.
    No ricasso present and only the manufacturers logo, the early Eickhorn squirrel design (there are in fact three different ones) is to be seen on the reverse side of the blade.
    To be a transitional, it needs a ricasso, and the blade reads the
    designation, with sometimes even the Logo of the firm present (depends on the periodtime, often seen on early trasitionals). Blades were often made in advance already with the logo present, once the
    regulation came in service, often the manufzacturer added it afterwards on the blade (so double marking)
    So it is definitely from before 1936.
    All in all a nice piece for someone who wants to start collecting HJ knives.

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    Here are the different logo's of Eickhorn used on HJ knives.
    the last was well used before '36 and can be found on the early HJ knife
    The two others can be found on the transitional types.

    Eickhorn is in fact an exeption on the general rule, altough as soon as the rule became mandatory the motto was discontinued but nevertheless they continued up to '42 to use double markings on the knife.
    As I collect only the transitional type I do actually owe two knives with these markings on the blade (ricasso)as can been seen on the first two pictures, the first one from 1941 and the second from '42 (squirrel looking over his shoulder)
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    Hello Mike, thanks for the comprehensive reply! i learned some things there!

    shes a salty old dog but still quite nice in hand and collectable for sure!

    thanks again,


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    Yes, a nice early Eickhorn but missing the buffer.

    Nice stretch diamond grip plates on these early knives.



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    thanks for the comment Russell ! yes missing the buffer unfortunately!

    anyone know where i can obtain one?

    that said the metal is aged and dont seem to have had one for a long time

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    Hi Ewan, you could try Paul Hogle or DD Harris for a replacement.

    If you can't get an original, which might be difficult, I know Paul has post-war buffers you could use.



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    cheers mate, i would rather just leave it as is , thanks all the same!


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