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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    Sorry but I do not for one minute think your SS version is anything but a fantasy knife
    Is it just this example, or all of them you think are fake? and why do you think that Paul?

    Russ N has a list of all know makers, which includes:

    HJ honour BAYONETS
    HJ Motto engraved pommel no maker
    HJ Motto engraved pommel Anton Wingen
    Ss Motto engraved pommel Carl Wustoff
    SS Motto engraved pommel Anton Wingen both HJ diamond and SS roundell

    Plus, I believe Ron Weinand is the poster of this knife, I'm sure he can tell you more where this one came from.

    Also , Hermann has some, and I think Houston Coates agrees there are real examples of these.


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    YES my first thoughts on this SS are fantasy but even though I feel this symbol on an HJ is very odd concede is possible especially when people longer in and better informed say it is real. I know the other engraved types are real as I used to own an example sold to ANGOLIA long ago.


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