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    Early Hitler Youth knife by Anton Wingen Jr

    recently purchased this Anton Wingen Jr early motto knife,.makermarked A.W Jr Ges.Geschutz.Solingen.completely magnetic,.very sharp,no movement in diamond,in good condition


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    Nice one Si, this style of grip plate on the obverse can often be seen on the AWJ knives.

    The reverse grip plate is the more often seen style, perhaps one of them has been replaced at some point.



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    nice eye russ,.thanks for pointing that out,i would never have noticed,.so u think its been replaced? maybe it was just mix matched in production,.anyway.from comments past obviously its not a "complete" collection in the "i have every knife ever produced for th HJ" complete.but its my idea of complete,as for years all i wanted was an /.early,trans & late.but its my idea of complete.should have had a different,but i probably will keep my eye out for the motto dual marked etc.
    thanks russ.,.


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    Hi Si, most of the early knives I've seen have the same plate on the reverse as well. If you've seen the 'knife throwing' pic, it is possible it was replaced due to some form of damage but who knows. It is still a very nice example, and I kind of like the other plate on it, something a little different!

    Regarding the 'complete' collection, it's always fun to try and find others you don't have!



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