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    From found information after March one can say that after March the manufacturers had to apply
    for an new permission with the related new code (sämtliche Hersteller der Unterabteilung M = Metall
    werden aufgefordert einen Erneuerungsantrag zu stellen. Mit dem 1. Oktober verlieren die vor dem
    1.Oktober 1935 ausgestellten Berechtigungsnachweise ihre Gültigkeit

    I checked quickly some issues and have noticed the first M7 manufacturers
    lost their permission:
    21: Hermann Schneider from Solingen, the 14th of October;
    61: Carl Tillmanns Söhne KG from Solingen, also the 14th of October;
    7: Hermann Konejung AG from Solingen, the 19th of November;
    58: Louis Perlemann from Solingen, with the same day.

    From this one may conclude the M7 numbers were indeed not in force earlier then September.

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    This is all good stuff....As an E.Pack collector I can say with certainty that E.Pack produced dual marked HJs 1936,37,38 & 39. There is a fantastic variation in these things. Just when you think you have seen it all. I just acquired an early HJ for my own collection Pack spanner nut,false button, DRGM ,Wusthof marked with a unique? back blade etch.

    Pack.wHJwetc02.JPG Pack.wHJwetc01.JPG Pack.wHJwetc03.JPG Pack.wHJwetc05.JPG

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