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    HJ Eickhorn Knife original?

    Hey Guys!

    I think it´s a Copy of the 50s.

    What Do you think? Trash or Original?


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    HJ Knife

    I think it looks like a good one,what does the diamond look like?

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    The Diamond does not exist anymore. It´s destroyed.

    Do you think the Eickhorn Label like this is right on the Blade?

    The other Knifes i´ve seen never had this Type of Label from Eickhorn. And the
    Label + M7/66 was always below.


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    H Eickhorn

    From what I have heard on this site that if the scabbard has a smooth mouth opening opposed to a roll on the mouth it's ok but not having a diamond is not a good sign.I bought a similar knife about two months ago ,, no diamond and it had a roll on the lip of the scabbard it was marked Othello Solingen,it was the consensus on this forum that it was a post war fake-so I was out 50.00 bucks,I will get over that.

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    probably ok, last year of production but any other pics, looks repainted scabbard.

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    I have one of these, marked just the same
    and over the shoulder squirel. It came with the very late plastic strap. A so-called expert over here (Australia) said he could do a good job on it to change it to a leather one!!. and no I didnt get it butchered.

    RIMG0619.JPG RIMG0612.JPG RIMG0611.JPG
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