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    HJ knife Anton Wingen

    I was looking for a "low budjet" knife with motto. I got a "Anton Wingen jr. Stain removed, blade cleaned and sharpend particulary. Grip at front cracked, reverse in good condition. No doubt of originally and early one from 193?. What do you think.

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    A good original example of a well used and abused knife!



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    Yes, abused, but not totally. The observe grip plate had been cracked. To my opinion a result of too fast shrinking and material consistance. The bakelit plate is complete but cracked. Edges fit together. Tpycal for early Anton Wingen examples. Regards

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    I agree, it is certainly a typical plate used on early Wingen knives. They have quite small pointy diamonds compared with some others. To me it looks like it could have been damaged by exposure to heat - it has taken on an interesting shape where the plate has cracked, and seems to have pulled the opposite side of the plate towards the centre of the hilt!



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    Russ, you could be right. I just measured it. Distance of the rivets at obverse(center to center) 4,4 mm(millimeters), reverse 4,3 mm. Length of observe plate(cracked side) 6,5 mm, 6,4 mm(non cracked side). Reverse 6,45 mm. Usually there are more than only one reasons. Bakelite components, process of founding, dislocation of the rivets....It would very intersting to read a Solingen factory manuell. Regards Northwind

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