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    HJ knife "bayonet-style", scabbard marked LFS

    Hi everyone,

    I acquired this unmarked HJ knife, what are your opinions about the unusual style of the grip ?


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    Ernst Pack & Sohne (E-Pack)?

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    Hi Chris, this is an interesting item in my opinion.

    The steel hilt, excluding the grip plates, is an early style, reminiscent of the early E Pack knives with the eagle head and stud, which also goes with the early no-ricasso blade. But, the early Pack knives had the spanner and nut fittings holding the grip plates. The Pack plates themselves are quite distinctive and not the same as the ones shown here.

    The plates on this knife are not early, and are held with zinc rivets which would suggest that they may have been replaced at a later period of time, perhaps because the original plates were damaged, or for any number of reasons.

    There is also no sign of a maker mark or a motto on this early blade, and the maker marks were most commonly stamped, and the motto etched.

    The LFS marked scabbard is often seen with early knives but can also be seen paired with later knives as well.

    So, an interesting piece for sure, early steel hilt and blade, later grip plates with zinc rivets, large diamond and no motto or maker mark.

    Thanks for presenting it here!



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    very cool piece,.i like it

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    thank you. I am glad it is authentic.
    If anyone is able to estimate the value, a PM is highly appreciated :)
    However the knife is not for sale, it will remain in my collection.

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