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    HJ knife Carl Wusthof

    I picked up a brown item, almost not recognizable as a knife. Full of earth, dirt und bubbled stain. After days of several cleaning processions I got the final result. An early "Carl Wusthof, Solingen, Gladiatorwerk, ges. geschützt." still visible. No indication of the Motto.I rescued from fully disappearing.

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    cleaned up nice after being buried for several decades

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    I like it. It tells us a bit of history.
    Maybe it was burried in 1945. The boy / girl or his / her parents must have thought it would be better that way.
    Maybe it was forgotten for a long time. Or the people who knew about it were afraid to dig it up again.
    If it was found in East Germany it was probably in the ground for at least 45 years.
    Sure, some collectors would not take it into their collection. Fair enough.
    But to some an item like this still means something and it will be fair priced in most cases.
    Thank you for sharing!

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    That is a cool relic!

    Do you have any 'before' pics?

    Where did you find it?



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    Here's what it would have looked like.



    P1010262.JPG wusthof5 adj.jpg

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    I live abroad Germany. So I could not dig the earth in my homecontry for War relics. I bought the item from ebay. The seller did not tell me any history nore send original pictures. The one from ebay you see here. I`m sorry about the narrow background. Regards: Northwind
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    The pics won't enlarge - can you check?



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    As I told, I picked them from ebay. To my opinion,they are fixed to its size. Sorry: NW

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