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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    wonder who originally came up with this brainwave
    the guy with the biggest collection :laugh:

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    i would not trash the theory all at once. Maybe it is a urban legend but it has some truth. For instance, if the fake knives had the diamond soldered/glued or with a single screw inside the handle, they would not wiggle like the good ones with 2 prongs.
    Just thinking loud, food for thought for the knife guys out there

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    So you mean:
    a solid diamond could be fake
    a wiggly diamond has more change to be good

    Thats reasonable I think

    Of cause the diamond is only one detail of the whole thing...

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    nobody is saying that it is not a helpful guide to spotting a fake, but what we are saying is that if the diamond does not wiggle does not mean its definetly a fake there are many other factors to take in to account

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    Thats how I wanted to phrase it :001_wub:

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    This thread is great, I've learned a few new things here. Thanks for sharing the knowledge and experience, I'm slowly getting better at spotting fakes. Took one look at the one just posted on WAF and suspected it had problems straight away.

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    Hi Ray
    I only had 1 HJ knife in my life and the diamond wiggles :laugh:
    I also have a smaller knife (much debated) I bought for few bucks and that I use as letter opener (very stilish...) and guess what, the diamond does not wiggle

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    number of letters ive opened with HJ knives because theyve been more at hand than my leatherman....

    HJs.... collectable yet still functional in everyday society :laugh:

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    Good to see this is generating some input and I hope it will prove useful next time you see an HJ with a no-movement diamond. Always examine the whole piece - not just one or two aspects. If the red flags start mounting up - I'd pass on it.



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    Up until recently, I had a beautiful early (no ricasso) HJ knife by Anton Wingen Jr. The bake-lite grips must have gotten a little too warm at one time and shrunk a little. The HJ diamond was locked solid. The fellow that bought it from me was concerned about the non-wiggle effect. He's OK now, I had him read this thread ..

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