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    HJ knife with Herder MM in grip

    I may have the opportunity to buy this knife with the Herder logo in the grip instead of the HJ-diamond, and with simulated (as I remember) stag grip. I have only these pics:

    G-kniv 5.jpgG-kniv 5 - nærbillede.jpg

    I have seen one with the same MM in grip in Johnsons Daggerbook volume 2, page 296

    HJ fra Johnson.jpg

    I think that the knife could be a salesman sample or a kind of commercial - it look period when I had it my hand.
    Do any of you know anything about such a knife ?????


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    I would use caution. Johnson is one of the big dealers that touts the alleged "DJ" knives also. Wittmann often uses him as an authenticator of those and the "Olympic" knives as well. I would like to see what others here have to say regarding this knife, or if there is any type of period advertisement showing the knife.

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    I don't know much about these either, I think I've seen one other, with the usual grip plates.

    I've never seen an original HJ with those grip plates, so I don't think a sales sample would be relevant.

    Personal opinion I guess, but not one for me.



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    Hi Gefolgschaft and RusellM

    I have just heard - 2 minuttes ago - that it was sold to someone else.

    Thanks for your comments, which make my tears VERY dry over the fact that I didn't get it.


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