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    HJ knife wiki article

    A wiki article now exists for the HJ/DJ Fahrtenmesser. I would appreciate it if the knife guys could appraise the page and see whether they would like to add anything (or indeed remove/correct/replace anything). Full Members can edit, correct and expand the information on the page.

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    How about a pic under DJ knives, its from an old Atwood book, and seeing as he is dead, and the book is way old, i doubt it carries any valid copyright....
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    And about the diamonds... do you not think that it would be the easiest thing to drill out the two rivets, replace the diamond, and then rivet them back together? I guess many would say "no, impossible"... possibly just as impossible as re-creating Civil War swords that still fool dealers today, faking a complete dagger and scabbard, faking an
    sword, forging a fake Damast blade.... ??? thats all possible, House of Swords was the world leaders in fake blades, BUT... to drill out two small rivets, and then replace, two small rivets ... only the rivets.. no no, thats not possible, a collector would know straight away what was a correct, pre 1945 rivet and what was a 1993 produced rivet....

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    Dear me, he didn't even get the name right... He has translated 'Pimpfe' to 'Wolf Cubs'. The Wölflinge (what he translated) were of course the youngest kids in the german scouting movement. Nice pic though so I'll cut out his text.

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    He was a Gringo, so i guess, same as many other Gringos, he translated German into US at that time.. small HJ = Cubs like it did in the Boy Scouts....

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    The same artistic licence as used by Wittmann when talking about his ultra-rare 'late-1920s' HJ knife....

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    Ever notice the ricasso on the DJ knives? there aint one, so it went full circle you see, instead of a ricasso the makers decided to drill holes on the scabbard and slap on a Diamond, and
    stamp the Scabbard too. But we may be getting somewhere here, maybe it didn't stop at the HJ and Dj, maybe there WERE Cubs? the first level of entry for 0-2 year olds was KINDERSCHAR, the next for 3-5 year old the CUBS, they all had their own CUB knife..after 1944 all DJ and HJ were automatically transferred into the Waffen-
    and given Knights Crosses..

    When Artistic-License is mixed with imagination, anything is possible ... just wait till you read my book (lol) it`s crack-induced disillusion ramblings... but the images are great though !

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    I particularly liked the Knights Cross bit :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post

    I particularly liked the Knights Cross bit :)
    Just doing my bit to help explain the amount of Knights Crosses out there today....
    Look into my are feeling speeepy, very, very sleeeeeeeepy!!

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