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    HJ knives with Plastic Hangers

    Not something you see everyday, but period none the less. Late war, likely due to the usual material shortages. These HJ knife hangers are quite fragile today so careful with the snaps if you have one!

    Anyone else own one? As far as I am aware never marked with any maker stamps

    Mine is a 1941 M7/18 Rich. ABR. Herder. Solingen

    (pics to follow)

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    even with correct 'stocko' snap
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    hilt shows alot more ware than normal, due to plastic removing the finish, good indication to me to believe these two have always been together
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    Interesting knife Mike. I've seen these for sale once or twice. Good to see you back by the way.

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    Mike , did they also make late war knife hangers out of compessed cardboard, im sure i read it somewhere ,

    Cheers steve ,

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    i like the plastic ones but very hard to find these days

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    that came up in passing a few weeks ago, i'm not 100% sure, never seen one as far as i can remember, iam sure it was mentioned the one in conversation was a dud... i'll try and find out

    I was lucky with this plastic fantastic, HJ number 3, the only thing to come via a wanted advert on a forum i used to frequent, not militaria related. He wanted £45 i thought that was abit much... :drool:

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    Steve yes mate they did come with compressed cardboard hangers i just sold on a few weeks back, the cardboard hangers are very thick & sturdy this was the first ever one i came across, maybe should have kept it but i needed cash for a nice
    dagger i wanted fast:D heres some pix of the knife & scabbard with the pressed cardboard hanger.
    Cheers Scott.
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    talk of the devil here he is... cheers Scott for the piccies

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    Hi Scott
    thanks for confirming that , i wasnt sure if i had just dreamed it :001_huh: it looks hard to distinguish from the leather ones, no doubt it wasnt as flexible ,

    hows the
    dagger collecting going , good i hope .

    all the best steve

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