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    K&Co M7/11 with abit of a suprise....

    This K&Co gave me a little surprise when i discovered it hiding in a cabinet at a militaria fair, tucked right up against the cabinet side you'd have trouble spotting it if not for the HJ spotter vision

    Certainly altered from the original blade, when who knows but just look at the even wear across the entire knife, ever seen grips worn down like that?? :laugh:
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    I really like the design of this on Mike

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    Few marker mark close ups, doesnt suit everyone but i love this used and abused knife
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    That almost looks like a buthers knife , the way they used to sharpen them maybe it belonged to the camp cook... either way the deer on the left has a worried look ,,,,


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    :) That one has definitely seen some Lager action. I've never seen the grips worn away like that. Nice.

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    as character daggers go its right up there

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    PROBABLY vet done in theatre, have seen may pics with soldiers wearing these after entering Germany. Probably the most common knife dagger made next to the SA


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    I remember seeing this one earlier, and I think it's a great example. Who knows why it was done - maybe it saw a little too much 'tree action...' and had to be modified...!


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    classic photos those two. broken grips already :tongue_smilie:

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