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    T. T. Wittmann has two of these 'rare' ones for $2095 each... but you also get a paper bag!



    wittman 1.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Update on posts 116 & 118.
    Both items now showing SOLD on Johnson's site. The shame.....
    There's obviously more money in the 'Olympic' knives Jo...



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    Does this have some value

    DJ 1.jpgDJ 2.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by njs View Post
    Does this have some value
    Jan, that will depend on the story that someone wants to attach to it.

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    There is no story, it is what it is.
    It was a lot Dutch youth, but personally I do not collect German.
    therefore the question.

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    In my opinion, not worth anything.

    But you should contact some of the big dealers. Wittmann, Johnson etc - they think these are worth a lot of money and based on their retail prices you might get $300 for it...



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    All right, thanks Russ for you opinion.
    Regards, Jan

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    DD Harris... I don't remember him offering up any proof/info that these knives are genuine period items used by the DJ. Surely he must have it otherwise he wouldn't be offering this as a DJ knife. Did I miss his post? Or is this just business as usual...

    Note: this post may contain traces of sarcasm

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    have not visited this dealer for some time and always knew him to be the go to guy for good well described HJ . I note there is no written description of this DJ knife and also note the Hungarian motto ed blade.

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