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    Ever notice the "German Quality" holes drilled onto the scabbards .. These images are from the one up at Collector-2-Collector militaria
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    Thanks for the upgraded pics of the knives Jo. That pic above would be great in the 'Characteristics' section of the DJ knife article.

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    At least todays copies of the copies of the copies now have a sunken Diamond.
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    Some pages from Thomas M Johnson's Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Volume One.

    Page 78 - Hitler Youth and Description of the HJ knife and who wore it (HJ & DJ)

    HJ knife text.jpg

    Page 81 - The DJ Fahrtenmesser

    DJ knife text.jpg

    Notice above how the HJ knife was for both organisations (HJ & DJ), but the 'DJ' knife was (also) authorised for wear by the DJ???????

    From Thomas M Johnson's Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Volume Two.

    Page 74 - HJ manufacturers from the 1934 issue of Die Klinge.

    Notice how there is only one knife in the photograph (your regular everyday HJ knife), and is bordered by the text saying Makers of the scout knife for the Hitler Youth and the German Youth. No sign of the 'DJ' knife.

    last 1.jpg



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    "This small knife was authorized for wear..."
    This is why this guy, and his cronies, will never join a forum, because they would get shredded in minutes for writing BS.

    It was not only NEVER AUTHORIZED for wear,it was also never mentioned, never pictured, never photographed, nobody on gods greens planet knows anything about it, except the author.
    Yep, cutting edge research books indeed... what a load of toss, the guy should be ashamed of himself ...

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    Thanks for the pics Russ and Jo. Dreadful, just dreadful. I don't know where to start really... Yeah, lots of people will read that scan from Johnson's book and think "that's wrong, okay that's right but that date is miles out, that's wrong too" but plenty of others over the years will have swallowed that stuff like a gannet. It's deception, pure and simple and if you look at Wittman's descriptions of his HJ stock you can see that he is just taking everything straight from Johnson's book. Well, apart from the introduction date of the HJ knife because of course, Wittmann is convinced, against all of the proof, that he has a late-1920s HJ knife and it is still on sale despite the pounding it took. I'll add the scans to the Wiki articles today.

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    Russ, do you know whether the later volumes of the Johnson book correct any of the stuff he is saying here in volume one? Or is this the only volume to deal with Hitler Youth items?

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    Yes mate, dreadful, and enough to make many give up altogether. Especially if you shopped at these nitwits and made them fat!
    Dont despair, more people should go down the path i am on now.. i still collect, still enjoy it, BUT my hobby interests have slightly changed, i now get much more fun and enjoyment out of proving the big-wigs WRONG. And do not mind investing, or spending - cash to buy fakes, just to bust them up and show people why they cant be original. This dagger stuff is tempting mate, really tempting for me to buy all his/their books, and spend a year or two ripping them apart, not writing a DAGGER book, but writing a book about THE BIG SCAM, and exposing the top names in-print!

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    I'm just working on the DJ knife wiki article at the moment and I have that 'Deutsche Jugend Messer' thread from WAF (THE best thread on these knives outside of our forum) open in another tab so that I can get the pics and go through what was said. I'd almost forgotten how vague and evasive Weinand was and how people couldn't (didn't want to) understand the simplest of facts.

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    This is a great thread on The Bogus DJ Knife & its variations !!!

    Has anybody ever challenged TW to fact that these DJ Knifes are Bogus & he is selling them for mega $$$$$ for many years ?

    This is FRAUD IMO

    Regards Mac 66.
    Last edited by Mac 66; 22nd November 2012 at 04:48 PM. Reason: BOGUS DJ KNIFES

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