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    Let's talk about Olympic Hitler Youth and 1935 Reichsparteitag daggers

    Subsequent to the this thread a HJ-Wiki page was created to discuss these knives.
    All updates will be added there in future:

    1935 Reichsparteitag knife

    1936 Olympic knife

    Add your links to other discussions, evidence, pictures - anything that will help in building a compendium of information on these items for quick reference.

    This post will act as the collecting point for information and it will be updated as information comes in from your posts below.


    I'll start us off with a first snippet of information on these knives.

    Picture of a Nrnberg and
    knife (will follow)

    The Olympic and
    knives have been sold by some dealers and sellers for a couple of decades now but no period evidence exists to substantiate the claim that they were produced during the
    period for the events depicted on the blades. They are often the same base product used for the so-called 'DJ' and 'BDM' knives but others are known with stag grips an leather sheaths.

    knives were not known prior to the 1980s as evidenced by this statement Nurnburg, Olympic, DJ, BDM - by Mr Houston Coates (he was supported in this in the same thread by Mr Ron Weinand and Mr Frederick Stevens):

    "In the "old days" the 35 DJ type party day knives were not known. They did not show up until maybe the 80's. This could be verified if you have some old catalogs where they talked about "finding" these pieces in Germany"

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    Olympic Fever .....

    Achtung Collectors...we have some again!
    When common Logic is applied, .........

    They are always Mint
    They are always from the same people
    They are Rare ... yet... when you look at the known Forger and Repro-seller GERM- we find the following Sales Pitch....
    PRICE: COLLECTORS, WE SOLD THE LAST OF THESE OVER A YEAR AGO to the disappointment of enthusiastic collectors. But NOW we have managed to acquire a few more, but they won’t last long. These even have the original issue bags with them! $1,600.00 while they last. Don’t hesitate!!!

    i mean... c`mon, you DONT see it? But NOW we have managed to acquire a few more.. are you freaking kidding me???? LOL... and the description?? And people are still falling for this in 2012? LOL...
    like... just what kind of Neo-Nazi crap sales pitch is this???
    Our German-branch crews, who scour the Fatherland on a constant basis, recently discovered several of these

    DESCRIPTION: This is a tiny Fahrtenmesser or Hitler Youth knife. It is much smaller than the usual encountered HJ weapon and was specially produced for a presentation gift to the young people from the N.S. Youth Organization, who did so much to help with this the grandest of Olympiads. Unlike its larger cousin this petite dagger has stag grips, while the normal issue one has black plastic grips. Even the enameled insignia at the middle of the grip is smaller. The blade is quite beautiful with the crowned bear of the city (Berlin) and the N.S. sports eagle with the familiar Olympic rings. The saying “Zum Ruhme des Sports zur Ehre des Vaterlandes” is reminiscent of the actual spirit of these 1936 games. It means: “The Glory of Sports is the honour of the Fatherland.” This little treasure was produced by the firm of Emil Voos of Solingen. The knife is in excellent shape throughout; especially the blade and this in near mint. Our German-branch crews, who scour the Fatherland on a constant basis, recently discovered several of these great little knives in Potsdam outside of Berlin after a lengthy search. These were socked away with 49 Hitler Youth Olympic posters (That we did not get!), but it was the information about the posters that a major poster dealer, who turned us on to that, resulted in our being able to procure the little HJ knives. To her we owe a great debt of gratitude. The posters and knives were packed away in 1945 and now can be offered in very limited supply to the collecting public. Whenever examples have rarely been offered before they have brought from $1,500 to $2,500, because of their high desirability and scarcity. Because Germania International, LLC has managed to procure a small group of these beautiful knives we will offer you one at $1,650.00 and please know that this is a definitely a smart investment opportunity to own one of the scarcest edged weapons of the Third Reich. We are now down to two of these and we sent them out as the best condition ones to the first buyers to come. Some of them when stored over the many years show some minor rust, but sometimes it is in the design itself thus very difficult to remove. So we would suggest you call first to have us describe in detail the one you will receive, but regardless of the condition. This is a very important Hitler Youth and Olympic item indeed. This is very probably a one-time opportunity to aquire this piece; a great historical treasure of the Reich.
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    Jeez, what a load of crap that is!!

    Anyone who falls for that must be completely brain dead.



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    Found this photo in a book by Major John R.Angolia Called "Daggers,Bayonets & Fighting Kinives of Hitlers Germany.Thought I would stir the pot a bit.The book was printed in 1971.
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    Quote Originally Posted by operaman View Post
    Found this photo in a book by Major John R.Angolia Called "Daggers,Bayonets & Fighting Kinives of Hitlers Germany.Thought I would stir the pot a bit.The book was printed in 1971.
    WOW...with awardee 6311 - number too ... obviously not just a rare item, but a rare AWARDED item... i seem to recall seeing this knife in a collection before?? just not sure if it was the "What-a-load-of-old-toad" collection, or the "Pull-the-other-one" collection?

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    This book has some really strange daggers listed,I will post later on.

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    "Its easier to Fool someone, than to convince someone they have been fooled"
    Mark Twain

    How about turning this into a POLL as well?
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    Here we go gents, not 1, not 2, but 3 of these stunners available now, complete with a useless paper bag!!

    Step right up gents, a bargain at $1995 each.

    Wittmann Militaria #34623 1936 Berlin Olympics Souvenir Knife by Emil Voos

    HYK #34623 1936 Berlin Olympics Souvenir Knife – Emil Voos

    This Berlin Olympic Knife is about the size of a DJ knife. These knives were originally produced to serve as souvenir pieces sold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The hilt is the same as a DJ knife being produced of all cast aluminum. The aluminum finish is still all there and in excellent condition. Fitted to the hilt are genuine stag grip plates. These grip plates have a pleasing raised grain and are an attractive brown color having trimmed edges of off-white color. The obverse grip plate has a pinned Hitler Youth enameled insignia. The insignia wiggles slightly in its placement indicating that it is pinned. The insignia has perfect red, white, and silver with black swastika enamel. These grip plates are retained by aluminum rivets having dressed heads on both sides. The blade of this example is a single edged type with false edge at the top. It has a short ricasso. The blade shows 100% of the original factory graining in the surfaces. On the obverse side there is the symbol of Berlin which consists of a crown over a shield which inside has a black bear standing on its hind feet. At the bottom of the blade is the
    sports eagle which depicts an eagle with half open wings and a mobile swastika on its stomach area. The eagle retains in its claws the rings of the Olympic circles. These rings are colored in green, gold, blue and red. Between the two depictions is the five line dedication in inlaid gold letters, “ZUM RUHME / DES SPORTS / ZUR EHRE / DES VATER- / LANDES”. This dedication means, “For the glory of sports and honour of the fatherland”. On the reverse there is an etched logo consisting of a snake around a stump. Above the logo is the firm’s name, “Emil Voos” and below the location town of “Solingen”. Below this is the patent pending designation, “Ges. Geschutzt”. The original black leather blade buffer is in place.

    The tube steel scabbard is in Excellent condition having good original paint showing only nominal age but still rating just about 100%. Attached to this scabbard is a leather belt loop having a small grip retainer loop with working snap. Most of the black color is gone from the snap but the leather is still in good condition. Accompanying this Olympic souvenir knife is its original issue sack. The sack is composed of manila paper having a gray color and being about 9 inches in length and about 4 inches in width at the top, and it tapers toward the bottom. Printed on the obverse of the paper is the firm’s name and location, “Emil Voos / Solingen” and beneath this is the logo with name and location along with the patent pending stamping, “Ges. Geschtzt”. Beneath that is the German word for the youth knife, “Fahrtenmesser”, and rubber stamped beneath that is the type of knife, “Berliner / Olympiade”, and beneath this is a printing testifying to the quality of the steel, “Ia Guss Stahl-/Klinge”. There are also some decorative lines at the bottom of the sack. The reverse of the sack is plain. This is a great opportunity to acquire one of these authentic Olympic knives. There was a unsold box of these knives discovered after the Wall came down in 1991. The majority of these knives were all sold in the last decade but I ran into a collector who had stored away a few of them and I managed to buy several from him. These knives make for a terrific addition to a Hitler Youth collection.

    Mint Minus. $1,995.00

    1 berlin.jpg 2 berlin.jpg

    And also, another top notch bargain for the punters today, step into this one gents!

    HYK #34512 1935 Nuremberg Party Day Souvenir Knife – Puma

    Wittmann Militaria #34512 1935 Nuremberg DJ Knife
    This Nuremberg Party Day Souvenir Knife was originally sold at the 1935 Party Day rallies in Nuremberg. It is a most attractive item having a DJ style hilt being of all aluminum. Attached to the hilt are genuine stag grip plates. These grip plates have attractive brown grains with off-white edges. The grip plates are retained by aluminum rivets which have dressed heads on both sides. The scabbard is a tube steel type that tapers at the end. The original black finish is still all there having a somewhat matte look to it. Attached to the scabbard is a fine leather belt loop along with a small retainer loop with snap to retain the hilt of the knife. The blade is a single edge type with false edge at the top and short ricasso. This blade has all of the original factory graining on the surfaces. Etched onto the obverse of the blade is a gold inlaid open-winged Party eagle which clutches a swastika within a wreath. Below this is the event the knife commemorates, “REICHSPARTEITAG / 1935”. Below this are the triple castle turrets which are part of the logo of the city of Nuremberg. Below this is the Nuremberg city crest which is in gold, red and black enamel. The crest has the name of the city above, “Nrnberg” and below is a shield split in half. The left portion of the shield portrays half of an eagle and the right portion portrays stripes of red and white which go downward on a forty-five degree angle. On the reverse of the knife is the maker logo and location. The logo consists of a diamond having a puma head inside with the firm name below, “Puma”. Below the diamond is the location city of “Solingen”. The original leather washer is in position. This souvenir knife represents one of the leftovers which were discovered in East Germany after the Wall came down. There was a couple of boxes of these knives which were offered to the collecting public at the time. Most have long since disappeared into collections so this is a rare opportunity to acquire one of these outstanding artifacts for your collection.

    Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,695.00

    nurnberg 1.jpg

    Oh, and a couple of the usual, common DJ knives as well...


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    But gents, this text is curious, because the Berlin Olympic knives, according to Mr Wittman:

    "...were originally produced to serve as souvenir pieces sold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics."

    So, if this is a fact, how come the same type of knife, according to Mr Wittman, was available at the 1935 Parteitag?

    Was it a copy?

    By another manufacturer?



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    c`mon man... Germania International did`nt kill the whole scam with their description? Folk are still falling for this? Seems like Germania International, Wittman, Johnson and Snyder all copying and pasting each others descriptions...
    ..scratches chin...yes Watson, a most parasitic relationship indeed....

    we have, - (pause) - some, again.... what kind of a cuckoo brain comes up with a sales pitch like that, on items like these? That would rank above a shot in the foot, probably both legs blown off there..
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