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    Just thinking about how the SAGA mag described Atwood back in 1967.. quite funny actually. Budding authors like Johnson and Wittman at that time, were just starting to collect, or just about to..... aaaaah, this solid mountain of unequivocal proof and expertise, offered only 20 years after the war had ended, by a known con-man forger, is most likely what they have based the very foundations of their life`s research on.. BS stories from day 1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Neither do i. Look at the first SEVEN daggers on Wittmans site... all seven are fantasy... LOL,.. totaling over $11,000.- ha ha ha ha ha..... if you miss any of those seven, Dont worry chums, because as a Dealer once said.. ACHTUNG COLLECTORS, WE NOW HAVE SOME MORE ....
    There are other gems on that page:

    Wittman Gem of Wisdom #1:
    "The Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) was formed officially in 1935"
    Oh really? Not 1926 then?

    Wittman Gem of Wisdom #2:
    Through 1937, these knives were etched with the motto of the organization, Blut und Ehre! (Blood and honour!)"
    Try August 1938...

    Wittman Gem of Wisdom #3:
    "Examples produced after this date
    (1937) were made with plain blades usually bearing an


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    This is reverse of post 8:
    These three, are no longer available, and marked as sold. Good old Snyder`s Treasures of the Third Reich.
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    Last one
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    Ooops, there are more at good old Snyders treasures
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    Strange stabbers..... he has two of these listed....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Ooops, there are more at good old Snyders treasures
    BUT, this one is the BDM Olympic knife - this one must be more rare, hence the lumpy price - still a bargain though at $2499

    Snyders Treasures
    This is a VERY RARE early BDM youth knife with metal scabbard and leather hanger strap and ORIGINAL VOOS factory Olympics marked shipping bag. It has a fancy gilt and enamel city coat of arms with crown surmount and Berlin Olympic eagle emblem.

    The legend is "ZUM RUHME DES SPORTS ZUR EHRE DES VATERLANDES" is rendered in gilt between the eagle emblem and coat of arms. There is an EMIL VOOS SOLINGEN name and logo and GES. GESCH. registered maker marks are present on the reverse side of the blade. The knife measures 8-1/8 inches long with a 4-3/4 inch blade. These are close-ups of the front and rear of the stag horn grip. There is an inset HJ diamond on the front grip. The scabbard is all metal, with the strap riveted to the side.

    The original Olympic marked Emil Voos bag (front and rear) is included with this knife. The condition is near excellent, with some minor signs of wear, apparent in the images.

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    I can't take it any more... all these rare knives available at the same time....!

    What are the odds on that happening??

    I must have them all for my advanced collection.... I can't cope!

    I know, I'll sell one of my Birdsheads, that'll cover it!



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    Now that the 1936 Olympic knife and the 1935
    wiki pages are up, we can start adding links to some of these pictures above. Also, any links to discussions where the usual sellers of these knives make conflicting claims (as you mentioned above Russ). These will be important because they will show that there is no consensus and that the story changes depending on how and where the knives are being discussed.

    Any links to other discussions can be dropped here or added directly to the article (with the relevant excerpts from the threads) but I would ask all to remember that the role of the wiki is to inform interested parties about the respective items. A comprehensive and referenced wiki page is all that is needed to show the reader what happened in the post-war past and what is still happening. Specific names must be linked to concrete examples of their claims about these knives.

    Could anyone provide a scan of any books (Johnson etc) where these knives are touted as period items. A pic showing the (lack of) footnotes would be very useful.

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    Found it on the old PC. Last year, the guy from MUNDO militaria had a
    knife up for sale, i think for €600-900, something like that, and he was kind enough to send me images of a collectors magazine that year (last year - i forget which mag exactly) where the knife was shown, as Original, that was his proof that they are real.

    Maybe someone here recognizes the mag?
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