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    M7/2 1937 Hitler Youth HJ knife - opinions welcomed.

    I was recently given this HJ Knife by someone who was aware that I had an interest in them and that he had purchased in the 70's. On looking at the scabbard, it was obvious that it was not original, but the knife did not jump out at you as a fake like many of the ones that you see in fairs.
    I must say, however that I do not like the way bthat the diamond fits in the handle, exactly matching its striations, or the fact that it has a motto and is dated as well as being
    marked, though I am advised that a few knives were so marked. I post some pictures and would welcome opinions on the knife.

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    Hi Peter, iam afraid this one is a reproduction, one of the most common styles, and well worn to make it look original


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    Thanks Mike, I thought as much, the leather hanger on the alloy scabbard has Made in Germany clearly printed on it, but I wondered if this Knife had got mixed with a fake scabbard. Incidentally do you know of any Knives that are
    marked, dated and with a motto?

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    hi peter

    HJ knives are normally classed in three category's:

    Early period 1933-1936:

    -thinner blades when compared to late knives
    -Magnetic Hilt
    -a very low or no ricasso
    -maker marked with the name on the blade itself

    Transitional Period 1936-1938

    -Thicker blades
    -High Ricasso
    -Display both maker name and logo as well as a

    Late Period 1938-1945

    -High Ricasso with thick blade
    -Zinc based nonmagnetic hilt
    marked on the reverse ricasso
    -Usually no maker name or logo
    -No Motto.

    as you can see from this list transitional knives came with motto rzm and makers mark, what they did not do is like your dagger have the rzm mark and the motto on the same side of the blade

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    Thanks Stuart,
    I did not realize that the
    mark was always on the opposite side to the motto.

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