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    Quote Originally Posted by Jo Rivett
    I wouldn't worry none with that user Victorman at all, people can hide behind on line profiles, he is possibly a 17 year old acne-faced teenager who gets a kick outta trying to rub others the wrong way.

    My thoughts exactly MWF, people like this just dont want to learn or they are frightened they will be proved wrong!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac 66 View Post
    people like this just dont want to learn or they are frightened they will be proved wrong!!
    Well i dunno here... Dont want to learn? he has adopted the part of the Teacher on that thread (and others) so he obviously believes that he has learned all there is to - Yet has absolutely NO RESEARCH to contribute at all. So how has he learned? what has he learned? Going by his rantings and absolute rubbish posts, nothing!
    Proved wrong? Dunno about that either, in order to be proved wrong, he must have proved something before, and be afraid that his research will now be proved wrong - but what has he proved? what has he researched? Obviously nothing, so it aint so much about him being proved wrong, but more him being proved to be a 0815, nonsensical idiotic poster. It aint fading him in the least though, he is all guns blazing, all the way to the bitter end, which btw has come and gone, and left him standing alone on the beach wondering when his ship will come in. (Mate, it sunk! long ago, so you might wanna call a cab!) :001_tt2:

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    If that (now closed) thread were a game of chess, the move played by the victorman chap would probably be called the 'WAF defence'. Not a clever chess move but an effective one nonetheless. Just rile other participants until things get heated and then sit back and wait until the mods come and close it down. He appears to have zero interest in any information that deviates from his long-held belief and in any case, he has made his case so vehemently that he couldn't accept Jo's research now even if he wanted to.

    In typical fashion he can't resist a snide attempt at belittlement by saying that he 'wasn't impressed' by this forum when we started up - as if to intimate to the reader that this forum is inconsequential. Well, yes - there wasn't much to read back then because, well, we were starting up...! :) That was years ago though so let's get off him and back to discussion of solid reds. He will be reading - I don't doubt that in the slightest.

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    Herman, has showed his Mod power over on GDC:

    Quote Originally Posted by Herman on GDC

    Removed a reply of Mac, because of offensive talk.

    And Mac, you are not allowed to post any links here.

    I know that you topic has already been closed on WAF, so don't start here again, I will not allow it!

    If you have proof:


    Than you can post it here directly.

    Repeating yourself will also not been allowed here anymore.

    You can go to the amateuristic forums and continue your ********-shat, if you want, but not here!
    This guy is some peice of work!!

    Mac 66.
    Last edited by Mac 66; 19th January 2013 at 03:10 PM.

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    Clearly, he wants the discussion to take place on his terms and on his 'turf' so that he can control it. Let him. Collectors aren't stupid and they are aware of Let them digest the information from both sides of the discussion so that they can make their own minds up. Let's get away from talking about this victorman/herman guy. I guarantee that he will read every new post made in this thread so let's get back to the issue at hand.

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    Chaps, an old Red Neck saying goes: Don’t interfere with somethin’ that ain’t botherin’ you none.
    And this is the way i see this opaque diamond issue, as well as Herman and his hate directed towards the HJ-research-Forum. Who cares? I certainly dont. Posts and crazy demands like he makes, verify (to me) that my level of knowledge far exceeds his, it verifies that i was correct in taking the time and money it took to write my book, it verifies that the book was necessary, it verifies my suspicions that even today in 2013, there are collectors who are completely lost and desperately need guidance. (sometimes the guidance i offer in my book is accompanied by a kick in the teeth and a stab in the forehead - but deservedly so)

    This kind of childish BS did used to bother me, that was the main driving force behind me actually getting my rear-end into gear and finishing the book, it is also the driving force behind me financially backing it up as well. But, the book is not just about opaque enamel, it is also a scathing attack on some of the top dealers, top forum posters and on-line know-it-alls. It will be very hard for many to digest without crying, and for a while after it was finished, i began to think, "have i been too hard?" .. "Are these folk really as dumb as the donkeys i have portrayed them to be?"

    Lots of what i have read on forums after, has not only confirmed that i was indeed correct, but in fact people like this guy, are playing right into my hand, walking right off the end of a pier with no life jacket on! For my salt, it could not be turning out better

    The question that this person poses though;
    Is a very hard one to answer, but not impossible. I have done exactly this, and more, with the M1/ manufacturers of the Parteiabzeichen in my book, although it took many hundred pages and many years of research and work to do. The same "could" be done with the HJ membership badge. Although i must conclude again with a stab, the poster of a question like this, has no idea of the research needed in order to logically and correctly answer the question.

    Detailed research on this very subject has already been done, and will soon be available - so in the meantime i would suggest to heed the Red Neck saying.
    I can see why he is not impressed with the HJ forum though, that would be due to the contents and info available here. It will surely be viewed as a "scary place" to people who are only looking for a thumbs up, and not looking for reasons, facts and evidence why their items are not genuine - or in this case, why they are!

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    Not my area and a subject I know very little about, but I like this thread. This thread alone makes it worth, being a member of this forum. Would take too long to like all the post, so here is a big "Thank you for this thread"
    Last edited by cemifor; 20th January 2013 at 10:08 AM.

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    You remind me why I stay away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddsdaggers View Post
    You remind me why I stay away.
    To whom is this post directed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    To whom is this post directed?
    Garry i,m pretty sure he means, "

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