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    I believe it to be a good HJ knife but with an emlished student diamond added later.

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    Yes, looks to be an original HJ knife with a replaced diamond.



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    But when was it replaced? There is no order for daggers for the
    . Deutscher Studentenbund mentioned in any issue from the
    Verordnungsblatt der Reichsstudentenführung, as far as I remember!!

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    Yes, no-one will likely ever know, so I always regard these with some scepticism and personally would not pay very much for one! But that's just me!



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    With no official order from the Reichsstudentenführung I view these as possibly unauthorized period modified or post war embellished knives at best. Who can say when and where this insignia was added for certain without an official order to manufacture or convert standard HJ knives?

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