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    M7/51 Hitler Youth Knife engraved with owner's name and Schweinfurt

    Just aquired this and wanted to share. First one I have come across engraved like this. Owners name has been removed but Schweinfurt and checkering remains. Heavy chrome plate over steel base metal. Scabbard blued, not painted. M 7/51 for Anton Wingen Jr. Blade has motto and end of blade has been redone. Could not seem to stop the glare from the flash.

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    Interesting-looking knife Don. What are your thoughts on the engraving?

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    I think it was possibly a private purchase gift from Father to Son? Extras like that were not cheap otherwise we would see a lot more of them. It is possible that after the war the name was removed so the family could distance itself from the organization. If only it could talk

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    If only it could talk

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