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    Zander, there are several examples with the motto dated 1936, which is why I asked because even near to mint condition blades are also dated 1936 and do not have mottoes at all. Perhaps they just made a huge batch of blades and stamped them, and maybe etched the motto when orders for sale were received for them. Another collector has observed that all the steel ones had a motto and all the zinc based ones had no motto. Another theory as to why this is seen is because perhaps the company did not wish to invest in a new die, hence all their blades with ricasso are dated 1936. Certainly an interesting knife to have in your collection for whatever reason is true.



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    dont mean to be a pooper but the first picture the knife diamond follows the angle of the grip,this is a sure sign of a copy not an original HJ knife,i beleave there nether follow the check plate lines?

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    Jonpaul, your statement above is incorrect. Just like the theory that all diamonds should wiggle is incorrect.
    This should be regarded as a red flag, to check all other details of the knife more thoroughly.
    Most reproductions run parallel with the plate pattern, which is probably how this 'fact' came about.
    But is does not mean that all examples exhibiting this characteristic are fakes.


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