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    Question in need of answers about a knife

    if anyone could help me, i would greatly appreciate it. i was recently given a Hitler youth knife. Its an
    7/13. Its in very good shape, but theres something carved on the knifes case, and i cant figure out what it is. The carving says "
    /3 Mölln". I dont know much about the german language, but i was thinking Molln might be a name. But again, I'm not sure. again, i would appreciate any answers or opinions i recieve. thanks

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    Mölln is the name of a town - see the link below.

    Mölln, Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Not sure about the abbreviations but someone else here may be able to help with that.

    Post some pics if you can.



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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    If you an please send a photo we would be really interested to see it !


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    Mölln is likely to stand for Reichsfinanzschule Mölln. I don't know exactly when the school was opened but I have a reference for an attendee who studied there in 1940. It was located in the former NCO training school which was finished in 1917.

    The HJ members at the
    were organised into Stämme which were subordinate to the HJ Gebiet in which the school was located so the 3 could stand for Stamm 3. I can't say 100% that this is true in the case of Mölln however as it is not mentioned in the section of the regulations dealing with the raising of the

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    thank u all so much. i will send a picture of it soon. i just have to locate my camera. lol

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    See this post for continuation: I have questions about my Hitler Youth knife. Any suggestions, tips, or answers would be appreciated.

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