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    In all fairness now, it should start off: Me and my kind have been ruining the Third Reich militaria hobby with our opinions and vet fables, all backing each other up for many years, to be exact over fifty. And we are all proud to say that we did not spend just 1 of those fifty years trying to first learn the actual facts and history, but just jumped in the deep end, into a pit of seething, twisting, writhing and story spewing veterans.. and we lapped it up !
    Him and his kind bought so many stories back in the day that none of them really know whats real and whats fake anymore.

    Collectors know today to not buy the story, its posted every day on threads all over the web, but yet they buy from these "dealers" who bought the story for the last 50 years, and are still buying it today.
    When one gets caught with his trousers down, he quickly asks the advice of Santa or Johnson, and will be proud and happy to say "Well They said its real, they have also seen, also heard, also acquired directly from vets.-.... in fact it will be pictured in Santa`s upcoming book." so they sell you another story, based on a story they have just been told, by someone they trust, and that in turns makes them think that this is good enough reason for you to trust them??? all of them are buying, sucking and swallowing the stories still to this very day.... think about it ! rather invest money in doing some research first and finding out, IF, the story they are so veteranly-sure of, has anything at all to do with history.

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    I have heard that these are coming out of Austria along with some excellent railroad daggers that can almost pass as originals. Currently being sold in England I have heard. A couple of years back, the dealer from England was selling the railroad daggers on ebay for $450.00

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    In Memphis Tn they are worth $50.00 bucks

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