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    Wizardelf writes in post 4 about the diamond-line: "The outlines of the diamond inlay are parallell to the lines in the black bakelite handgrips, wich is by originals NEVER the case."
    Hi Michael,

    I know that this was once said to be an indicator but understood that it had been revised at some point. Hopefully Wizardelf will add his thoughts.

    Hi Wingman,

    We do have a number of guys who are particularly good with HJ knives but they don't seem to have been around lately. I guess all we can do is wait.


    Links to other M7/13 knives (just in case you haven't seen these already):
    My first Hitler Youth Knife - M7/13 !!!

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    thanks garry,much appretiated thanks for the links

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    Firstly, the diamond lines are not parallel with the grip plate, look carefully and you will see that is correct.

    There is nothing wrong with this knife at all - very nice original.



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    Glad to see you here again Russ. So is this not true that these parallel cuts mean fake? I have heard this on other forums that they should never be parallel to the edge of the diamond

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    Hi Trommeller,

    It's difficult to say 'never' with this sort of thing and I don't consider myself to be an 'expert', if indeed there is such a title for anyone involved with
    items. Even though there are people who do think they are experts, and that their statements are the be all and end all, no question about it, closed case, 100% correct etc...

    All I can really offer on this is to thoroughly scrutinise all aspects of the knife and make your own judgement call based on known and accepted facts. Quite often, diamonds do look parallel to the grip pattern with a casual glance, but if looked at carefully, often you will see they are not parallel, as seen with this example here.

    I'm not sure where this parallel theory evolved from, but, as with the incorrect 'must have a wiggly diamond' theory, fake knives are most often seen with a parallel diamond and grip configuration, and a fixed diamond, so perhaps it has extended from that.



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    Thank you Russ. I understand that now

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