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    do HJ knives with STUDENTBUND DIAMONDS really exist ?

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    I think there is a lot of doubt surrounding these knifes ,
    im not sure but i dont think any are shown in the books by angola/littlejohn or baker,

    German daggers of ww2 vol2 does have a chapter regarding them and the authors rider regarding the authanticity of them, ive always wonderd why they are so scarce compared to the amount of HJs on the market,

    Hopefully Russ will know more...

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    i have my doubts, no pics in wear have ever been seen, and why would a studentbund dagger have a HJ motto on it , these where probably put together from left over badges at the end of the war to sell as souviners

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    agree that would be the most logical answer


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    I'm not a big fan of these either. There is also a 'DJ' version, with the Olympic rings on it as well, made by Horster.



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    As the words go in a ZZ Top#, "I wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole"

    Cheers S.

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