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    Real or Fake HJ Leader Dagger (Führerdolch) M7/36?

    Hi everyone,
    I just joined this site as a new member. I have been collecting HJ and DJ items for many years now and never questioned the authenticity of this dagger until looking at some of the forums online. Hopefully this will be a good place to find some information. This dagger supposedly came from a member of the 3rd Army as a souvenir. There is no leather on the sheath which may be a red flag. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    George, Welcome to the Forum. I too am new. I'm sure someone will help You with this. Gary

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    There are very good fakes of the HJ-Führerdolch that have their origin in Russia. The leader dagger is a complicated area because, to my knowledge, there are no regulations that give us anything that would be of use to the collector in deciding whether a given dagger is fake or authentic. As a consequence, current knowledge has been derived through the detailed analysis of original daggers and the application of that knowledge. Here is a thread where some differences between a russian fake and an original are discussed:

    Leader opinions

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    What is the accepted length of legitimate examples?

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    There are only 2 producers of the leaders dagger - Hörster (M7/36 like yours) and Eickhorn M7/66 - mine is an Eickhorn and it is aprox 35 cm. long incl. scabbard - the blade is aprox 23,5 cm - dagger without scabbard aprox 33,5 cm.

    I have observed, that blades on Hörster-models normally are a little longer than Eickhorn-blades.

    Hope that you can use this info


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