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    Reichsparteitag 1935 HJ dagger - possibly

    What's got thoughts on this one? I honestly haven't seen anything like this before....much like the Olympic daggers I think
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    If it's been covered before I apologise ��


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    Fantasy crap

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    Thanks Daring, and Joe........the scarey thing sold😢

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    Yep. These things do sell and the buyers just flat out ignore any questioning of them. A couple of "respected" dealers and authors have spoken in favor of them and for some that's good enough evidence to drop silly money. No period evidence has been shown to support the claims, it's all just opinion and hearsay. Shameful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jo Rivett View Post
    Fantasy crap
    Perfect description!



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    O God not another one of these haha. Some poor person is broke but happy I guess. Let's just hope he doesn't find this forum.

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    I have just come back from kassel and saw one of these "daggers" complete with bag on a dealers stall. I showed much interest - looking like somebody that knew nothing - which was easy :) And the story I got about how they were found in a warehouse and they are original and rare and "I can do a good show price" VERY believable - I then looked him straight in the eyes and said "you know these are all fake don't you? so why are you believing what you are telling me? Show me a period picture - or brochure with them in, and I will buy it on the spot - He was very rude to me in German (he thought I couldn't speak it as I'm just a stupid collector from England) - when I replied in German, he went red in the face - and I had a good laugh. BUT - I went back the next day - and it was gone- either taken off from sale - or sold to some other poor unsuspecting fellow :(

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