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    RZM M7/66 Eickhorn HJ Dagger -- Very Worn!


    Collectors will immediately notice the absence of the finger guard on my HJ dagger. I looked in vain to find a model that was designed like this, then came to the conclusion that the finger guard must have been broken off, and the stub filed down so that the knife didn't look broken.

    All other details of the dagger are accurate. There are fabric remnants inside the scabbard, the insignia "wiggles," and all other manufacturing details are accurate as well. The dagger is extremely worn, almost as if it had been buried or stored in a very moist place.

    Well, I did find this example:


    so maybe some other youngster's dagger had the same fate as mine. I picked this dagger up in 1980 for $20. Anyone know what it's worth today?


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    I think about 150 €.

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    Can you upload pictures of your knife please Thomas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Can you upload pictures of your knife please Thomas?
    Garry -- I certainly will as soon as I get back to the machine that has them. I actually did upload one pic, but for some reason the upload must not have concluded properly. I'll get this eventually!



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    Garry and company,

    I hope the photo goes up this time. If not, I may need a tutorial at this!

    Again, I purchased this well-worn HJ dagger (
    M7/7 Konejung) around 1980 for $20 USD. I always thought this was a different design from the ones with the longer finger guards, but I don't think there is such a thing. This one was probably broken and then filed. What do you guys think? Have you seen a dagger like this before? The blade is a mess! I also think it's a late production model. I think the
    indicates that, right?

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    Hi Thomas, yes, this is a standard HJ knife with a broken finger guard, not a 'variation' model.

    It is a nice maker mark to have in the collection.

    Often you will see finger guards that are bent upwards or downwards on steel hilt examples but I believe the zinc hilts like this one are more prone to breakages at the finger guard.



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    Thanks Thomas. Lots of character on that one

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    very cool piece,well used example.i like it

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    Yeah I used to think it wasn't a very good one, but the leather is worn nearly to the breaking point, but not broken. I could just imagine all the dagger throwing and whittling and fishing that was done with that knife. Funny thing is, it couldn't have been used that long, because it is a late model and it wasn't exactly in style to wear HJ knives around after '45!

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    For 20$??

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